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Warm Up and Cool Down Ideas

Warm-up Ideas:
  • Cat and Mouse - A competitive warm-up game where children have to catch tails!
  • Sharks and Fish - A simple game for younger children which involved repeating each others' movements and listening for commands.
  • Toilet Tag - A funny game which children beg to play!
  • Pasta PE - An enjoyable warm-up activity, linked to pasta!
  • Jelly Fishing - A fun game which involves pretending to be characters from Spongebob Squarepants!
  • Hoop! - An exciting warm-up game for younger children.
  • The Mr. Man Game - Use the Mr. Men to get your children moving!
  • Bumper Cars - A fun game which aims to develop spacial awareness and travelling skills.
  • Sharks - An exciting warm-up game which involves trying to escape from imaginary sharks!
  • Late for School! - A fun warm up activity which involves pretending to get ready for school! Includes a related cool-down activity too.
  • Heads, Shoulders... - Use a well-known song in your PE lessons to develop understanding of body parts.
  • Make a Letter - A physical activity which is useful for reinforcing phonics too!
  • Fruit Basket! - A very energetic game in which children have to switch places with one another.
  • Beans Activity - A very useful (and fun!) warm-up activity.
  • Pirate Ship - A fun warm-up game in which children pretend to be on board a pirate ship.
  • Smugglers - A competitive warm-up game, which encourages children to steal from one another!
  • Sheep Tig - A fun warm-up game which involves pretending to be sheep!
  • The Video Game - An enjoyable warm up activity involving video recorder controls!
  • Traffic Lights - An enjoyable warm-up based on traffic lights!
  • The Washing Game - A fun warm-up game, based on washing!
  • Run Through the Jungle - A fast-paced activity which asks children to perform different jungle-based actions!
  • Ladders - A fun competitive, and team-based, game.
  • Tickly Cat - Play an alternative version of the popular game, Stuck in the Mud.
  • Connection Tag - An active warm up game... who will be the winner?
  • Fish and Chips - A simple activity to help children warm up at the start of a lesson.
  • Up, Down, Stop, Go! - An exciting warm-up activity.
  • Front to Front - An action packed warm-up game which gets children moving and thinking.
  • The Teacher Says... - A fun warm-up game which can also be used as a great classroom management techinque.
  • Commando - A lively game which is great for team-building.
  • The Atom Game - Encourage teamwork and collaboration with this exciting game.
  • Human Bop-It! - Children love the Bop-It games, so why not play in your PE lessons!
  • Catch it... Header it... - A fast-paced game which requries quick thinking.
  • Dancing Transitions - A fun way of occupying children during breaks, or as warm-up and cool-down activities.

  • Mission Impossible - A clever warm-up activity which children really enjoy!
  • Stuck in the Mud - A classic game which is a great warm up activity, or simply play it for fun!
  • Frogs Stuck in the Mud - Play the popular game of 'Stuck in the Mud' with a froggy twist!
  • Team Seating - Encourage your children to work in teams using this co-operative activity.
  • The Sharks are Coming! - An active warm-up game which requires children to get into groups.
  • Chains - A fun catching game, in which children form chains to catch the others!
  • Dinosaur Tag - Will the dance dinosaurs or the freeze dinosaurs catch you... and will you be saved by the dinosaur officers?
  • Duster Hockey - A team game where children have to shoot a duster into their goal using a rolled up newspaper!
  • Rolling Rocks - Which team will win in this exciting game?
  • Summer Fun - A fun game to play in the sunshine, with children following commands as quickly as they can.
  • Three Blind Mice - An exciting warm-up game based on the popular nursery rhyme.
  • Let the Games Begin Word Document - A selection of warm-up games, along with some useful advice and information for teachers. Contributed by Lynn, Elizabeth, Jason, Craig, Drew, Justin and John.
  • Messy Rooms - A fast-paced game which children will love.
  • Guess the Corner - A fun, active game which could be used as a warm up activity.
  • The Numbers Game - Develop your pupils addition / subtraction skills in this enjoyable game.
  • Run Around the Teepees - An enjoyable warm-up activity, which is played in pairs.
  • Adoration - An enjoyable warm up game which can be played as fast or as slow as you like!
  • Cups and Saucers - A very enjoyable game which can be used as a warm-up activity.
  • Clocks - A fast-paced warm-up game which encourages use of different muscles.
  • Memory Cards - A team game which involves collecting (and remembering) sets of playing cards.
  • Quick Warm Ups PDF File - A long list of different warm up activities (in PDF), none of which involve equipment so they can be carried out quickly and easily. Contributed by Mr Chong Meng Lieng.
  • Blackout - Can your pupils explore the area and find others by only using their sense of sound?
  • Cats and Mice - A fun game which develops awareness and agility.
Cool-down Ideas:
  • Cool Downs and Stretches - Some useful ideas for the cool down part of your lesson.
  • Hickory, Dickory, Dock - A simple game that children love to play during PE and class activities.
  • Duck, Duck Goose - This popular game can be played by small or large groups of children.
  • Popcorn Ball - Your children will need to listen carefully during this collaborative game!
  • Telephone - Pass a message around the circle. Will the message at the end be the same as the one at the start?
  • Hide the Item - Will your children be able to identify who has the hidden item?
  • 1, 2, 3, Freeze! - How long will your children be able to 'freeze' and stay in the game?
  • Silent Assassin - Will your students be able to identify the assassin in this fun cool-down game?
  • Tiring Morning - A relaxing way to cool down at the end of a lesson.
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