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Note Value Chants

By A Visitor
Age Range: 5 to 11

This chanting/memory game about rhythmic note values is to challenge students' memory.

Teacher chants and students echo:

1) Whole Note - 4
2) Dotted Half - 3
3) Half Note - 2
4) Quarter Note - 1
5) Eighth Note - 1/2
6) Sixteenth Note - 1/4

After this process is repeated several times the teacher will say "1) Whole Note" and the students will have to say 4


The teacher will say "I receive four" and the class would say "Whole Note, Whole Note"

The process can go in any order to challenge the students!

You can play this game however you want in whatever manner. It helps to reinforce note values!

The process can even start out slow and get faster- which would tie in tempo. I suppose you can even add dynamics to it as well.

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