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Daily Time-Filler Activities:
  • Pop the Balloons - Choose your child of the day by popping balloons!
  • Start with a Joke! - Start each day with a joke to make the mornings fun!
  • Word of the Day - A great way to increase children's awareness of the meanings of new words.
  • Spot the Spellings - Can your class spot your own spellings mistakes?
  • Question of the Day - Fun activity which encourages research skills. Your class will love finding out the answers to the questions (which can cover any subject area).
  • Object of the Day - Each day, look at an everyday object in relation to how it was designed and made.
  • Phrase of the Day - Teach children the meaning of a famous phrase every day of the week.
  • Early Work Ideas Smart Notebook Document - Charles Applegate has contributed this Smart Notebook file, containing a huge collection of ideas / activities which could be used during "Early Work"... when the children have just arrived at school.
  • Definitions - A great Literacy activity to fill a few minutes, and to develop use of dictionaries.
Other Time-Filler Games and Ideas:
  • Hangman Headlines - An enjoyable game which creates interest in current news issues.
  • Noughts and Crosses - A fun way of questioning children about any topic.
  • Kids' Questions - A fun time-filler which you can use every day of the school year.
  • Wink Murder! - A classic game which children love to play!
  • Spy in the Camp - Will your chosen pupil guess who is leading the group's actions?
  • Do the Hokey Cokey - Use music to inject some fun into your day!
  • Shoot Out - A simple activity which can be used in all curriculum areas.
  • Odd One Out! - A simple game requiring children to find the odd one out in a group.
  • If I were... - Find out what your class would do if they could take on the role of another person.
  • Copying Images - Will your children be able to follow the instructions and copy the image?
  • Title Pages - A simple way of using a few spare minutes, which reinforces the concepts you are teaching within your topics.
  • Frogs and Flies - Play this fun version of Wink Wink Murder, with a froggy twist!
  • The Giant's Keys - A popular game which involves stealing keys from a giant!
  • The Key Master - A fantastic game which requires quiet and calmness from everyone in the class!
  • Slam! - A fast-paced game which can be used within any curriculum subject.
  • Heads Downs, Thumbs Up! - Children really enjoy this game, which improves listening skills.
  • News Headlines - Turn a mundane event into a filler activity, using this headlines activity.
  • Chairs - It's Boys against Girls in this brilliant game, which helps children to get to know each other.
  • Orange, Orange, Orange - A fun game for circle time which requires speed and concentration.
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