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Reward Ideas

General Reward Systems:
  • Super Stars! - A simple reward system for younger students.
  • The Star System - A reward system which encourages children to be stars!
  • Stars in their Eyes - An effective reward system which encourages good work, good behaviour and good manners.
  • Rubber Band Ball - Use this technique to reward your children.
  • Reward Jar - An easy to manage system of rewarding children for all kinds of things.
  • Big Bucks - A reward system involving the collecting of virtual money.
  • Ladder of Success - Help children to climb the ladder of success with this simple reward system.
  • Sitting Nicely - A simple and effective way of moving children between different areas in your classroom.
  • Gorgeous Children Grid - A fun reward system which will work with all groups of children.
  • Star in the Jar - A simple reward system based on small gold stars.
  • Grey Cloud and Golden Sun - A simply idea to recognise and reward behaviour in the classroom.
  • Golden Wall - A wonderful way of rewarding positive behaviour throughout a half term.
  • Bonus Bucks - Try this great reward system with your class.
  • Warm Fuzzies - A fantastic way of rewarding achievement and behaviour in your class.
  • Top 100 - Use this wonderful technique for rewarding good behaviour during registration time.
  • Tree of Achievement - An excellent way of promoting achievement in your class.
  • Behaviour Ladder - An effective way of encouraging good behaviour in your class.
  • Pin in the Board - A simple and easy to manage way of encouraging and rewarding good behaviour.
  • Target Trees - A fantastic way of encouraging children to achieve their targets.
  • Traffic Lights - A simple, but extremely visual, technique to encourage and reward good behaviour.
  • Driving to the Prize Flags - Use this clever strategy to help your children to achieve objectives and improve behaviour.
  • Tickets Please! - A simple reward technique which is great for competitive groups!
  • Rewarding for Homework - A technique for rewarding children who return their homework!
  • Homework Credits - A brilliant way of encouraging children to complete their homework.
  • Behaviour Train - Use this train idea to reward good behaviour in your classroom.
  • Prize Tokens! - A wonderful way of rewarding good work and good behaviour!
  • Rewarding Punctuality - Reward those children who are on time using this simple trick!
  • Manners Chart - A simple way of encouraging quiet and good manners within your class.
  • Sticker Club - Reward children with stickers in their own special sticker book.
  • Be a Special Friend - Praise those children who are a special friend by rewarding them with these excellent ideas!
  • The Golden Folder - Raise the self esteem of your children using the simple idea.
Weekly Rewards:
  • Friday Raffle! - An extremely simple way of rewarding good behaviour.
  • Friday's Fine Diners - Use this technique to encourage good behaviour at lunchtimes.
  • Class Celebrity - Give one child a special treat each week and make them the class celebrity!
  • Chance Cards - A cheap and effective way of giving praise and rewards to children.
  • Gold Medals - Reward five children each week with a gold medal and special privileges.
  • Lunchtime Lotto - A weekly reward system which encourages good behaviour throughout the school.
  • Class Mascot - An interesting way of encouraging children, and good for Literacy skills too!
  • Brick On / Brick Off - An effective team activity which rewards group and individual efforts.
  • Adopt an Animal - Reward children for their good behaviour by letting them adopt an animal over the weekend!
  • Team of the Week - A football-related idea, in which children vote for others who have behaved well, or produced good work.

Looking for resources for your Classroom Reward systems? Try here.

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