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Planning and Assessment

Planning Ideas / Resources:
  • General Plan Template Word Document - A handy Word document, containing a planning template which can be edited and customised to fit your own requirements. Contributed by Veronica Kaneti.
  • Literacy Planner Word Document - A useful Literacy planning template for teachers to use. Contributed by a visitor.
  • Maths Planner Word Document - A useful Maths planning template for teachers to use. Contributed by a visitor.
  • Teaching Plan Word Document - A useful planning template for teachers. Contributed by Saquib Ahsan.
  • Activity Time Smart Notebook file - If you have an interactive whiteboard, and often set up activities which rotate around the classroom, try using this technique.
  • Timetable - Smart Notebook file A basic timetable, which you can write / type over, to show children what they can expect to be doing during the week ahead!
  • Early Work Smart Notebook file - Another tool for interactive whiteboard users, this helps to organise activities which take place first thing in the morning (e.g. during registration time).
  • Today's Timetable - Let your class know what's going on with this simple idea.
  • Guided Reading Timetable - A handy suggestion to help you to work with your guided reading groups using a rotating timetable.
  • Mind Mapping Topics - Involve children in planning future topics with this great suggestion.
  • Timetable Display Labels PDF Document - A set of labels which could be used to make your own visual timetable for the day. Contributed by Chantelle Hydes.
  • Visual Timetable PDF Document - A set of labels which can be used to make a visual timetable, to show children what they are doing for the day. Contributed by Caitlin Barnes.
  • Classroom Timesavers PDF Document - A very useful set of resource sheets for teachers, covering assessment, planning and lots more! Contributed by Timesavers for Teachers
  • Create a Welcoming Environment - A selection of ideas to help you set up your classroom at the start of the year. Contributed by Matthias Bawa.
  • School Trips - A video providing ideas and highlighting issues for teachers to think about when preparing for school trips.
  • Useful WebsitesMicrosoft Word Document - A huge list of websites which might be helpful when planning lessons. Contributed by Suzanne Mann.

The Box of Secrets
The Box of Secrets
An exciting and intriguing way of introducing any topic in any subject area!

Assessment Ideas / Resources:
  • Smiley Self Evaluation - An easy way for children to evaluate their own work, and share their response with the teacher.
  • Traffic Light Assessment - Encourage children to think about their own learning with this simple system.
  • End of Term Assessment Quiz - A great way of assessing what children have learnt throughout the term!
  • Self Assessment Millipede - Have a class millipede to encourage children to think about their own learning.
  • Target Charts PDF File - A set of extremely useful target charts for children to complete.
  • Class Record Template Word Document - A class record sheet, which can be used to keep assessment records about individual children in your class. Contributed by Veronica Kaneti.
  • Class Scores List Word Document - Simply add your children's names to this page, and use it as a handy way to record scores. This also works well as a simple tick-list!
  • Class Comments List Word Document - A simple way of recording comments about individual children.
  • Clear as Glass? - A wonderful way of reviewing children's understanding of concepts.
  • Homework Checklist - A simple way of keeping a record to show who has and hasn't returned their homework.
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