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Classroom Management

General Classroom Management Ideas:
  • Classroom Rules PDF document - A set of posters to encourage positive behaviour from the children in your classroom. Contributed by M V.
  • Class Rules Posters PDF document - A number of posters that remind children about the expected standard of behaviour in your classroom. Contributed by Jinky Dabon.
  • Neat Work PromptPDF document - A prompt for pupils who are capable of neat work, but might need a reminder. Contributed by Chris Thomas.
  • Start of the Day Activities PDF document - Share your ideas for activities to set pupils at the start of the day.
  • Classroom Scorekeeper Word Document - Make one of these wonderful scorekeepers to use in a wide range of activities in your classroom. Contributed by Melissa Cadman.
  • Brain Break - A great idea to reduce tiredness and silliness during carpet times.
  • Time-Saving Tips - Save yourself some time with these useful tips.
  • Time-Saving Tips for Teachers - Download a free PDF guide containing a huge collection of time-saving tips for teachers. Contributed by our wonderful Facebook community!
  • Class Volume Control - Encourage children to think about the class noise level with this idea.
  • Managing Noise LevelPDF document - How do you manage the noise level in your classroom? Share your ideas on this topic.
  • Seating Plan - Use a seating plan to make carpet time go more smoothly!
  • Class Stationery - A fantastic idea to make decorative paper for your everyday needs!
  • Registration Time - Vary your registration times using these suggestions.
  • Learning Words - A great way to use spare time to reinforce children's knowledge of their high frequency words.
  • Taking Turns - Not really an activity, but a way of choosing children to take part in activities.
  • The Blue Box - A very useful tool, which can be used for picking children, sorting groups, and much more!
  • Question Cards Word Document - Give these to students when they are doing group work to encourage them to really think about the questions they ask. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
  • Organising Worksheets - A clever trick to help you keep all of your pupils' worksheets organised!
  • Personalised Resource Binders - A useful tip to help children become independent learners in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Wet Play Ideas - A tip for managing wet play times in your classrooms.
  • Homework Notice Word Document - A notice which can be sent home to parents informing them on missing homework. Contributed by Michelle Vivad.
  • Time Out Sheet Word Document - A time out form which parents must sign and return to the teacher. Contributed by Michelle Vivad.
  • Make it Multisensory PDF document - Ideas for making your lessons appeal to children's senses. Contributed by Jeanette Moore.
  • Fun with Flashcards PDF document - Ideas and resources to help teachers use flashcards in all areas of the curriculum. Contributed by Veronica Gelfgren.
  • Covering Books - Cover books using quotes, images and vocabulary related to your topics!
  • One Minute Timer Flash File - A countdown timer that blows up after one minute! Contributed by Planet Primary.
  • The Life Line Game - A way of encouraging children to help each other in class.
Our Class Rules
Our Class Rules

Download our Class Rules poster and use it to discuss expectations
with your children. Also includes lots of suggested rules!
Our Class Rules
The Wonder Wall

If your class ask lots of questions that you can't answer right now, add them to the wonder wall and research the answers later.
Finishing Work:
  • Time Target PDF document - A way of encouraging children to complete activities before a particular time. Contributed by Victoria Jackman.
  • Counting Down - Use this simple tip to help children to finish work promptly.

The Classroom Essentials Pack - Essential resources to make your classroom an interesting and exciting place to learn!

Celebrating Birthdays:
  • Birthday Cake - Celebrate a child's birthday with this fun idea.
  • Birthday Cakes - Celebrate birthdays with this simple idea.
  • The Birthday Tree - Try this great idea for a display which shares children's birthdays.
  • Class Birthday List Word Document - Celebrate your children's birthdays. Add them to this list and put it up in your classroom!
Getting Attention: Managing Toilet / Drinks Breaks:
  • Toilet Breaks - Manage the number of trips children make to the toilet using the clever idea.
  • Ts and Ws - A way for children to request a toilet / drink break without interrupting you when you're busy.
  • Ticket Passes - Manage breaks in your classroom using tickets for your students.
  • Can I use the Toilet?! - A simple way of managing the number of children who leave the room for the toilet during lessons!
  • Bathroom Breaks - Schedule bathroom breaks to minimise disruptions to your lessons.
  • Hall Pass Challenge - Get your pupils to complete a quick challenge before leaving the class.
Tidying / Moving Around:
  • One, Two, Three - A simple technique for getting children to move from one area to another.
  • Tidy Up Song - Tidy your classroom quickly using these simple ideas.
  • Mystery Mess - Help speed the process of tidying your classroom with this simple technique!
  • Lining Up - Fun ways to organise children when lining up for lunch and other activities.
  • Exit Slips - A quick and easy way of assessing children's understanding at the end of a lesson.
Contacting Parents:
  • Parent Notification Word Document - A written communication that can be sent to parents to inform them about areas of concern that the teacher is having some problems with their child. Contributed by Mary Angel Alim-Flores.
  • Welcome Letter to Parents Word Document - A packet that will be given to the students in the first day of school. This includes a welcome letter, classroom rules and procedures, grading policy/scoring rubric, student information sheet and learning contract. Contributed by Mary Angel Alim-Flores.
Parents' Noticeboard Banner
Parents' Noticeboard Banner
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