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Choosing the Rules

By A Visitor
Age Range: 5 to 11

I would like to suggest a way to make the children feel as if they can contribute to how their class is run.

On the first day of school sit all of the children down in a circle. Explain why rules are in place and why they are important to follow. Once you have explained this and answered any questions, ask the children what they think the rules should be.

Once all the children have made their suggestions write them down on the board and then discuss which of these should become the classroom rules. Then have all the children agree on a set of rules for the classroom and what should happen for those who don't follow them (e.g. time off of break, extra homework for the group etc). Obviously your school may have extra school rules, and as the adult you have to guide the class to choose suitable rules!

If handled well this will help the children feel they have contributed to their school and keep the children intuned to the rules.

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