1) Chicken must be cooked 50 minutes for every kg. How long does it take to cook a 3kg chicken?

2) Zara uses 3 tomatoes for every a litre of sauce. How much sauce can she make from 15 tomatoes?

3) How many tomatoes does she need to make 1 litre of sauce?

4) A mother seal is fed 5 fish for every 2 fish for its baby. Alice fed the mother seal 15 fish. How many fish did the baby get?

5) Alice fed the baby seal 8 fish. How many fish did its mother get?

6) For every 50p coin Mum gives to Dad, he gives her five 10p coins. Dad gave Mum twenty-five 10p coins. How many 50p coins did Mum give him?

7) Kate shares out 12 sweets. She gives Jim 1 sweet for every 3 sweets she takes. How many sweets does Jim get?

8) Dee mixes 1 tin of red paint with 2 tins of white. She needs 9 tins of paint altogether. How many tins of red paint does she need?

9) There are 5 toffees to every 2 chocolates in a box of 28 sweets. How many chocolates are there in the box?

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