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Shapes Worksheets

By Mark Warner
Age Range: 5 to 11

There are five worksheets related to the topic of Shape, which you can download using the link at the bottom of the page. They can be used with all children in the primary classroom, although may be more suitable for the younger children.

Worksheet 1 is a picture which shows the main two dimensional shapes with their names. This worksheet may be used in a number of situations:

  • As a reference sheet when the children are working on related activities.
  • As a detective's tool - ask your class to hunt around the classroom, looking for different shapes (e.g. square windows, rectangular tables). They can use the sheet to help them with the names of the shapes.
  • Shapes Game - Cut out the shapes and turn them over, so the name is facing down. The teacher should point to a shape, and the children should shout out the name of that shape. The shape is then turned over to see if the children were correct.

Worksheet 2 is a picture of lots of shapes. The children should colour in the different shapes using the colours identified in the key. When the children have coloured their shapes in, the worksheet should look like this:

Worksheet 3 is a matching exercise. The children should draw a line from the shape to its name.

Worksheet 4 requires the children to count the different types of shapes, and fill in their answers in the table on the worksheet. The correct answers are as follows:

Shape How many?


Rectangles 5
Circles 4
Ovals 4
Pentagons 3
Hexagons 2
Triangles 2

Worksheet 5 asks the children to complete a table, filling in the properties of different shapes. They are required to work out the number of edges and corners each shape has. The correct answers are as follows:

Shape Number of Sides Number of Corners
Square 4 4
Rectangle 4 4
Triangle 3 3
Circle ? 0
Oval ? 0
Pentagon 5 5
Hexagon 6 6
Octagon 8 8
Parallelogram 4 4
Rhombus 4 4
Kite 4 4
Trapezium 4 4

All five worksheets are available here PDF.

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