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Matching Decimals and Fractions

By Mark Warner
Age Range: 7 to 11

These two activities can be carried out as a whole class with the tables (shown below) drawn on the board (and with individual children coming to the front to complete the activity) or individually with children completing the worksheets which can be found by following the links below.

The first activity involves simply drawing lines from the fractions to their matching decimals (i.e. 5/10 matches with 0.5, 9/10 matches with 0.9 etc).

5/10   0.6
9/10   0.2
1/10   0.7
6/10   0.3
4/10   1
8/10   0.9
2/10   0.1
7/10   0.5
10/10   0.4
3/10   0.8

The worksheet for this activity can be found here PDF.

The second activity is based on the table below:

Fraction (words) Fraction (figures) Decimal (figures) Decimal (words)
One Tenth 1/10 0.1 Nought Point One
Four tenths      
      Nought Point Six
Eight Tenths      
      One Unit

Children should complete the table by filling in the blank spaces. Numbers in each row have the same value (i.e. One Tenth = 1/10 = 0.1 = Nought Point One). The second row should therefore look like this:

Two Tenths 2/10 0.2 Nought Point Two

This activity will reinforce the links between fractions and decimals (and how we say each type of number). The related worksheet can be found here PDF.

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