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Cover them Up!

By Mark Warner
Age Range: 7 to 11

This is a game for two players. Before the children can begin playing, you will need to do the following:

  • Download the resources in the PDF here PDF.
  • Print the playing board.
  • Print the cards, cut them out and back them with thin card.


The men and monkeys on the game board have all entered a beauty contest. However, the men have forgotten to put their clothes on! The monkeys are very embarassed, so it is your children's job to cover the men up with counters:

  • Turn all of the cards upside down
  • Players take it in turn to pick up two cards.
  • Add the amount on the cards together. If the answer is the same as a number on one of the boxes then you can cover up the man / monkey standing on it by placing a counter over it.
  • The winner is the first to cover up ten men (not monkeys, because monkeys are not supposed to wear clothes anyway!)


All of the cards are placed face upwards and each player has 30 seconds to pick two cards which make any number on the playing board.

For one person; cover all of the men with counters. remove one counter at a time and find the correct two cards which make up that number.

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