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Place Value

Odd and Even:
  • Popcorn - A very exciting way of learning about odd and even numbers!
  • numbers? Try to spot the patterns in this SMART Notebook file.
  • Roll and Write - A fun way of making addition, subtraction or multiplication sums for young children
  • Odd or Even? - A game for two children requiring them to think about the properties of odd and even numbers.
  • Odd and Even Cones - A physical game which helps to reinforce understanding of odd and even numbers.
  • Odd and Even Smart Notebook File - What happens when you add/subtract/multiply/divide with odd and even .
  • Estimation with Shoes! - Use an everyday object like shoes to support estimation skills.
  • Estimating Amounts - A useful way of developing children's ability to estimate numbers of different things.
  • Estimation - How to introduce the topic of estimation to children in a fun and practical way.
Hundred Square Activities:
  • Hundred Square Race Game Word Document - Play this game to reinforce understanding of the hundred square and develop addition skills too. Contributed by Maria Allworthy.
  • Hundred Square (complete) PDF File - A pair of number squares showing numbers from 1 to 100. Useful for supporting children in their lessons.
  • Hundred Square (with gaps) PDF File - A pair of number squares showing numbers from 1 to 100 with gaps. Can children fill in the missing numbers?
  • Missing Hundred Square - A set of pieces from hundred squares (in PDF), with missing squares which the children have to fill in. Contributed by Neil Hedworth:
  • Hundred Square (in words) PDF File - A hundred square (PDF) set out using words instead of numbers. Good for using for those reading and writing numbers in digits and words objectives.
Superhero Alphabet - Cursive
Superhero Number Square
PDF File

Place Value:

  • Tens and Units Colour Word Document - A simple activity, where children have to colour matching numbers. Contributed by Janelle White.
  • Tens and Units Match Word Document - A sheet which requires children to match amounts of tens and units to their combined total. Contributed by Janelle White.
  • Tens and Units Partition Word Document - Can your children partition these numbers into tens and units? Contributed by Janelle White.
  • Numberteds Zip File - A zip file containing 11 SWF files. Open these in a web browser or import into Smart Notebook and use them for a range of counting / number activities. Contributed by Planet Primary.
  • Tens and Units Smart Notebook File - A set of tens and units blocks which can be manipulated on screen for a variety of purposes. Contributed by Lynn Medland.
  • Numbers 0-50 on Crests PDF File - Use these pages to review counting and ordering numbers. They're great for display too. Contributed by Jinky Dabon.
  • Numbers 0-50 on Hexagons PDF File - A set of numbers from 0 to 50 on hexagons. Contributed by Jinky Dabon.
  • Place Value Digit Cards PDF File - A set of place value digit cards which can be used for a variety of mathematical activities. Contributed by Chris Thomas.
  • Hold Teddy's Umbrella - Use this simple mnemonic to remind children of their place value.
  • Place Value Clap - A brilliant method of getting children to think about place value.
  • HTU Cows Flash File - Use this interactive tool to reinforce understanding of hundreds, tens and units. Contributed by Planet Primary.
  • Guess My Number - A fun game which develops the children's sense of place value, and of "more than..." and "less than...".
  • Partitioning Word Document - A set of three activity sheets which children can use to help their understanding of partitioning numbers. Contributed by Jane Ibe.
  • Hanging on the Number Line - Explore number lines with this fantastic practical activity which is suitable for pupils of all ages.
  • Place Value Labels PDF File - Printable cards with digits and words. Can your children match them?
  • Millionaire Place Value Game - A fantastic competition between the teacher and pupils which develops understanding of place value.
  • Changing Places - A practical way of thinking about number, place value and mathematical operations.
  • Place Value Magic Excel Spreadsheet - Simply type a number into this Excel sheet, and the Tens, Hundreds and Thousands boxes magically fill up. A great way of dealing with place value. Contributed by Jackie Jackson.
  • Place Value - Three worksheets (in PDF), which require children to think carefully about place value:
  • Place Value Hats - Use this excellent idea to develop children's understanding of place value.
  • Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Units Game Word Document - An enjoyable game which can be used to reinforce understanding of place value. Contributed by Kate Russell.
  • Estimation Number Lines PDF File - A set of number lines (PDF) with arrows pointing to particular points. Children have to estimate the number at which the arrow is pointing. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
Place Value Banner
Place Value Banner
PDF File
Number Banner
Number Banner
PDF File
Place Value Resources
KS1 Place Value Resources

Place Value banners for younger children.
Place Value Resources
KS2 Place Value Resources

Place Value banners, posters, cards and a table mat for older pupils.
Counting to 10
Counting to 10
PDF File
Treasure Coins
1-50 Treasure Coins
PDF File
Rounding: Comparing / Ordering Numbers:
  • Biggest and Smallest Smart Notebook File - A wonderful Notebook file which introduces children to the concepts of biggest and smallest. Contributed by Beth Allen.
  • Ordering Numbers 1 Word Document - Fill in the grid, and rearrange the numbers to put them in ascending order. Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi.
  • Ordering Numbers 2 Word Document - Put the numbers in ascending order. Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi.
  • Maths Pass the Parcel - A simple activity, which requires children to order a set of number cards.
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers PDF File - A PDF, contributed by Kate Beaumont.
  • Greater than / Less than (Higher ability) PDF File - A worksheet for higher ability children, which teaches them about the < and > symbols. Contributed by Georgina Reynolds.
  • Greater than / Less than (Middle ability) PDF File - A worksheet for middle ability children, which teaches them about the < and > symbols. Contributed by Georgina Reynolds.
  • Greater than / Less than (Lower ability) PDF File - A worksheet for lower ability children, which teaches them about the < and > symbols. Contributed by Georgina Reynolds.
  • Gattegno Grid PDF File - A useful PDF file containing a Gattegno grid and ideas relating to its use. Contributed by Victoria Jackman.
  • Napier Rods PDF File - A very useful sheet (in PDF) giving information about Napier Rods. Contributed by Gary Walkington.
Greater than Less than
Negative Numbers: Other Number Ideas / Resources:
  • Climbing Maths 1 Word Document - Can your children use all of the number operations to work their way up the ladders? Contributed by Sandra McInnis.
  • Climbing Maths 2 Word Document - Use all of the number operations to climb your way up these ladders! Contributed by Sandra McInnis.
  • Numicon Dominoes PDF File - A domino activity using numicon plates rather than numbers. Can be used in a variety of ways i.e. as normal matching dominoes, two plates that make 5 to develop number bonds. Contributed by Paul Ford.
  • Tell Me About a Number - Get children to think about a particular number... how many different things can they think of?
  • Visual Number Teaching Tools PDF File - A set of sample pages from a resource which helps children who find number work difficult. Contributed by all2you.
  • Counting with Fingers - An excellent way of counting to 59 with just one hand.
  • The Disappearing Man - Practise number properties by making a man disappear!
  • Magnetic Number Bonds - Link a Science topic to your Maths work by making magnetic number bonds!
  • Number Machine - Create your own number machine in the classroom. Great fun!
  • I Say, We Say... - A simple, but entertaining, way of revising number bonds.
  • Introducing Ordinals Word Document - An activity, with accompanying resources, to introduce children to ordinal numbers (originally intended for those with English as a second language). Contributed by Jose Vazquez Mogollon.
  • Missing Numbers PDF File - Children are presented with a set of sums, and need to fill in the blank spaces on this PDF worksheet. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
  • Line of Four - Two versions of a calculator game in which children use addition and multiplication.
  • Number Puzzles Word Document - A set of differentiated number puzzles, originally created for use in Year 4. Contributed by Mona Kawra.
  • 1-290 Dot to Dot PDF File - What does this dot to dot picture show? Great for reinforcing understanding of numbers and ordering. Contributed by Doctor Dot.
  • 1-300 Dot to Dot PDF File - Can your pupils work out what this picture shows by joining the dots up to 300? Contributed by Doctor Dot.
  • What's My Number? - A team game which reinforces number concepts and can be easily differentiated.
  • Missing Calculations - On these worksheets (PDF), children need to fill in the missing symbol in a set of calculations. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
  • Maths Maze 1 PDF File - Can your pupils work their way through the maze by solving the Maths calculations? Contributed by Play Pause Unwind.
  • Maths Maze 2 PDF File - Can your pupils work their way through the maze by solving the Maths calculations? Contributed by Play Pause Unwind.
  • IB - Play a speedier version of cribbage with your class to help them to manipulate numbers.
  • Ton Up - A four player game which helps children to remember number pairs that total 100.
  • Everest - An enjoyable board game that develops quick recall of number bonds that all add up to 12 or less
  • Writing Numbers PDF File - A set of very useful worksheets (PDF) which require children to write numbers in words (and vice versa). Contributed by Adrian Pembleton.
  • Ordinal Numbers PDF File - Four fabulous worksheets (PDF) which match the NNS objectives for children to understand, use and read ordinal numbers. Contributed by John Wright.
  • Writing Numbers - A useful chart showing how people have written the numbers from 1 to 10 in the past. Also includes four related activities and a worksheet (with answers).
  • Counting to Ten - Another useful chart showing how to count to ten in a variety of different languages.
  • Countdown - An excellent Maths game based on the Countdown TV show.
  • Maths Review Powerpoint File - A presentation which contains lots of questions for students to answer. Contributed by Mary Angel Alim-Flores.
Teaching Children about Pi

Lots of ideas and resources to help children to learn about Pi.
Infinity Poster
A printable poster that helps children to understand the concept of 'infinity'.
Speedy Shells

Use our Speedy Shells to review the properties of different numbers.
What is the Question?
What is the Question?

One hundred activity sheets to encourage children to think about the properties of numbers.
Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals
Three activity sheets (with answers) that challenge children to convert Roman Numerals.
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