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Number Patterns

  • Repeating Patterns Smart Notebook File - A fantastic Notebook file, which introduces children to repeating patterns. Contributed by Beth Allen.
  • Number Sequences Word Document - A selection of number sequences which need to be completed. Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi.
  • Stand Up, Sit Down - Will your children be able to identify the missing numbers quickly?
  • Kaprekar's Sequence - Kaprekar's sequence is easy to use, and produces some very interesting patterns.
  • Kaprekar's Challenges Smart Notebook File - Explore Kaprekar's Sequence, with this Smart Notebook file. Includes instructions and challenges for children to complete.
  • Pascal's Triangle - Another easy sequence which can be used to find a number of different patterns (worksheet included).
  • Triangular Numbers - Good for younger children, with a number of possibilities for extension with older children.
  • The 100 Square - Use the 100 square to find patterns by colouring in certain squares (includes worksheets).
  • General Number Patterns - Useful as an introduction to number patterns, this worksheet encourages children to predict missing numbers in the sequences.
  • Pattern Rules Word Document - Can your children work out the rules for these number patterns. Contributed by Orissa Anggita Rinjani.
  • Dice Number Sequences Word Document - Use some dice to produce different number sequences. Contributed by Lisa Daniels.
  • Multiplication Square Patterns - Use the multiplication square to find patterns by colouring in certain squares (includes worksheets). Also reinforces knowledge of multiplication tables.
  • The 9 Idea Word Document - Can your pupils investigate this number pattern involving repeated addition of the number 9? Contributed by Aravindan Devadoss.
  • Fibonacci Sequence - This sequence is also easy to work out, as it only involves addition (includes worksheet).
  • Fibonacci Challenges Smart Notebook File - Explore the Fibonacci using this Smart Notebook file. Contains slides to introduce the sequence, and challenges for children to try.
  • Digital Root Patterns - Part 1 - Digital roots provide lots of opportunities to find patterns (worksheet and instructions included).
  • Digital Root Patterns - Part 2 - Designed as a follow-on from the above activity, Part 2 involves creating visual patterns using the number patterns found in Part 1.
  • Digital Roots PDF FILE - Information about digital roots, with examples of how to solve them. Contributed by Santha Fernandez.
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