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Mental Maths

  • Bounce Count - Encourage counting on and back using this simple technique.
  • What's my Number? - An enjoyable game in which children practice mental arithmetic in order to guess a number.
  • Skip Counting - An enjoyable game which can be used to teach Maths concepts, as well as foreign languages!
  • The Price is Right - An exciting game based upon the hit TV show.
  • Twister Maths - Play a game of Twister while developing Maths skills!
  • Roll of the Dice - Will your children be able to work together and answer questions based on the roll of the dice?
  • Ping Pong - A useful mental game which can be used to reinforce number bonds.
  • Harry Potter Maths - Will your young wizards answer their mental Maths questions quickly?
  • If this is the answer... - Give children an answer and they have to work out the question.
  • My Number, Your Number - A simple speaking / listening activity which can be used in lots of areas of Maths (and beyond).
  • Maths Table Challenge - A fun way of reinforcing mental arithmetic throughout the day!
  • Big Board / Little Board - A competitive game which can be used to review lots of different Maths concepts.
  • Ring the Answer - Which student will ring the correct answer first?
  • Auction Responses - An exciting way of encouraging children to respond to Numeracy questions.
  • Maths Champion - A simple game which can be used to test any Maths topic.
  • Do the Conga! - A fantastic way of developing mental maths in your class!
  • Chair Swap - Learn Maths, and encourage manners at the same time!

The Mental Maths Pack - A pack of teaching resources to improve your children's mental maths skills!

  • Beat the Tape - An excellent activity in which children record Maths facts onto a tape recorder, and use the tape to test themselves later.
  • Stay Standing - A fun game show activity, which can be used with most Maths topics.
  • Frog in the Box! - A fun team game, which can be used to test many mathematical concepts.
  • Speedy Chairs - Play this exciting game to practice mental skills.
  • Nominate or Answer - A way of eliciting responses for all children in the class.
  • Beat the Teacher - A competition between children and teacher which can be used to improve mental arithmetic skills.
  • Detective Trail - Send your children out on a detective trail and solve lots of Maths problems.
  • Last Man Standing - Answer Maths questions, but don't be the last one standing!
  • PIG - An exciting game which encourages quick addition and can be used to introduce probability.
  • Shoot Out - A quick-fire mental maths game which can be used to cover a wide range of concepts.
  • Who Wants to be a Mathematician? - A fantastic warm up activity, based on the popular TV show.
  • Jeopardy - A fun way of quizzing children about different Maths concepts.
  • Number Chains - A very simple idea which requires quick mental calculations. A set of number chain cards are also included in a variety of formats.
  • "Who Is" Cards - A set of "Who Is" or "Follow Me" cards for you to use in your Maths lessons.
  • Speed Circle - A team game which can be used to review a wide range of operations.
  • Times Table Aerobics - A physical mental starter which gets children moving and helps them to learn their times tables too!
  • Number of the Week - A quick mental maths activity which can be used regularly.

Mental Maths Resources:

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