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  • Measuring Length PDF File - A simple table which children can use to record their own practical measurements. Contributed by Nicki Parsons.
  • Measurement Page Border PDF File - A page with measurement-themed border for use in your lessons or on displays. Contributed by Jinky Dabon.
  • Length and Measurement Word Document - Develop your children's estimation and practical measuring skills by measuring the length of each other's arms and legs. Contributed by Orissa Anggita Rinjani.
  • Measuring Pencils PDF File - Children are required to measure a set of pencils in cm and mm. Contributed by Lisa Daniels.
  • Measurement Differences PDF File - A PDF sheet on which children have to work out the difference between pairs of measurements. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
  • Converting Measurements PDF File - Children need to be able to convert measurement (centimetres and metres) on this PDF worksheet. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
  • Length Conversion Loop Cards Word Document - A set of loop cards which require children to convert between different units of measuring length. Recommended for Year 4 and above. Contributed by Katy Parfitt.

  • Half a Metre PDF File - Identify classroom objects which are longer than half a metre. Contributed by Gail Cuthbertson.
  • Longer than a Metre PDF File - Use a length of string to find items which are longer than one metre. Contributed by Gail Cuthbertson.
  • Estimate and Measure using Body Lengths PDF File - Estimate and measure objects using hand spans, feet and cubits. Contributed by Gail Cuthbertson.
  • Estimating and Measuring with your Stride PDF File - A sheet which encourages pupils to estimate and measure the length of objects compared to their stride. Contributed by Gail Cuthbertson.
  • Measurement Conversions PDF File - A page with measurement-themed border and conversion information for use in your lessons or on displays. Contributed by Jinky Dabon.
  • Length Problems Textease File - A selection of word problems related to length, contributed by Jo Gill.
    • Sheet 1 - For Extension groups. This sheet gets progressively harder with each question.
    • Sheet 2 - For Core groups.
    • Sheet 3 - If your children struggle with reading, then laminate these items, cut them out and get the children to pick 2 and add/subtract them.
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