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  • Learning about Angles - A great way of introducing children to the topic of angles.
  • Angles Worksheet PDF File - A worksheet requiring children to work out the missing angles.
  • Angle Recording Sheet PDF File - Ask children to measure angles around the classroom, record the type of angle (acute / obtuse etc) and then, if appropriate, calculate how many more degrees are need to make a straight line and a full circle.
  • Angles Smart Notebook File - A SMART Notebook document that includes information about angles and key vocabulary. Contributed by C Edmonds.
  • Angle Sum of Triangles Smart Notebook File - Do your children know what the angles in a triangle add up to? Use these fun SMART Notebook slides to show them!
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Word Document - A very helpful worksheet, which explains what parallel and perpendicular are, and tests children on their understanding of the two concepts. Contributed by Sue Baxter.
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Smart Notebook File - Can your pupils identify the parallel and perpendicular lines in these slides?
  • Calculate the Missing Angle Word Document - A selection of angle diagrams that can be used as a revision tool. Angles are not marked so teachers can adapt the resource to the ability level of their pupils. Contributed by Vince Wilkinson.
Angles Banner
Angles Banner PDF File
Types of Angles
Types of Angles PDF File
Acute Angles
Acute Angles PDF File
Obtuse Angles
Obtuse Angles PDF File
Reflex Angles
Reflex Angles PDF File
Angles Poster PDF File
Angles on a Straight Line
Angles on a Straight Line Poster PDF File

Parallel and Perpendicular
Parellel / Perpendicular Poster PDF File
Right Angles
Right Angles

Three different resources to help children to identify, count and hunt for right angles.
Measuring Angles
Measuring Angles

Twelve printable activity sheets that ask children to measure and label angles.
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