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All Four Operations

All Four Operations:

  • Maths Karate - A wonderful way of reinforcing understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division vocabulary.
  • Inverse Operations Triangles PDF File - Printable triangles which can be used when showing children how operations are linked to their inverse. Contributed by Scott Evans.
Addition and Subtraction:
  • Maths Facts Outfits - Make Maths fun by using outfits to review simple facts!
  • Adding and Subtracting with Pegs - Use pegs and a hanger to show that addition can be done in any order but subtraction cannot.
  • Addition and Subtraction Word Document - Can your children add and subtract the amounts shown? Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi.
  • Turnover - A fun addition / subtraction game using playing cards.
  • Finger Slide Ruler - Use a ruler within your Maths lessons to support addition and subtraction.
  • Fact Families - Use fact families to help children to understand the links between addition and subtraction.
  • Playing Card Points - A fun competition between children and teacher... who will win?
  • Adding and Subtracting PDF File - A PDF worksheet which asks children to add (and subtract) thousands, hundreds, tens and units from a set of numbers.
  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems PDF File - A PDF, contributed by kate Beaumont, involving addition / subtraction word problems
  • Addition and Subtraction (Yr6) Smart Notebook File - A SMART Notebook file containing slides for reviewing addition / subtraction with Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Units and Decimals.
  • Addition / Subtraction with Rounding (Yr5) - A set of addition and subtraction questions, where children can use their rounding skills to help find the answer. Contributed by Vicky Bing:

The Calculator Pack - Fantastic resources to help your children to use calculators accurately!

Multiplication and Division:

Maths Operations Resources:

All Four Operations Banner
All Four Operations Banner
PDF File
All Four Operations Banner
All Four Operations Banner
PDF FileIncludes labels for each operations
Four Operations Vocabulary Cards
Four Operations
Vocabulary Cards
PDF File
A handy set of cards showing vocabulary related to the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Four Operations Vocabulary Sorting
Four Operations
Vocabulary Sorting
PDF File
Ask your pupils to record words and phrases related to each of the four operations. They can then refer to these during independent work.
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