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Latin Words and their Meanings

By Mark Warner
Age Range: 7 to 11



annus year
ante meridiem before noon
aqua water
bene well, good
canis dog
caput head
circus circle
cogito I think
corpus body
de facto in fact
deus god
ego I
equus horse
ergo therefore
est is
hortus garden
id that
in in
index sign, indicator
iris rainbow
latex liquid
legere to read
librarium library
locus place
magnus great, very good
mare sea
mens mind
murus wall
musica music
nihil nothing
non not
nota note, remember
novus new
opus work
orbus world
placebo I will please
post after
post meridian after noon
primus first
pro for
sanus healthy
solus one, alone
sum I am
tacete be silent
tempus time
terra ground, land
urbs city
veni I came
vici I conquered
vidi I saw

Many Thanks to Jocelyn Goddard for her help with some of these translations.
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