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General History:
  • The Great Fire of London PDF File - A medium term plan linked to the Great Fire of London, designed for Year 2. Contributed by Helen Crompton.
  • Classroom Timeline - Make a great display to remember what has happened in the school year.
  • Creative History - Suggestions for making your history lessons more exciting and memorable.
  • Follow the Time Trail - Let your children visit the Time Trail web-site and try some of the activities which are related to it (links and ideas included).
  • Ordering Events - Ask children to order historical events using this simple technique.
  • Historical Clothing - After your children have learnt about historical clothing, let them design their own (worksheet included).
  • Historical Documentaries - Bring History to life, and record a documentary about your chosen historical topic.
  • Britain Under Attack Timeline PDF File - A PDF timeline of events which pulls together the theme of invasion throughout the KS2 history scheme of work. Very useful! Contributed by Louise Ward.
  • Jeopardy! - A brilliant way of revising topics already covered (in almost any subject)
  • History Pictionary - Use this popular game to support your teaching in History!
Finding out about History through different sources:
  • Learning about People - Encourage your pupils to think about how we learn about people from the past.
  • Becoming an Archaeologist - Encourage children to think about how we have found out about the past using this practical idea.
  • Looking at Historical Objects - Use this worksheet to focus children's attention on different aspects of historical objects.
  • Our Architectural Heritage - Learn about the architecture of buildings by looking at your local area, or looking in reference books. Links with Geography.
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The Gunpowder Plot Resources

A large collection of resources to teach children about the Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night.


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