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General Resources:

Spanish Banner
'Spanish' Banner
PDF File
Spain Banner
'Spain' Banner
PDF File


Spanish Numbers to 20
Spanish Numbers to 20
PDF File


  • Spanish Colours Powerpoint Presentation - Learn the names of the colours using this handy Powerpoint presentation. Contributed by Jane Powell.
  • Colour by NumbersPDF Document - Colour the butterfly by following the key provided. Contributed by Speekee.
  • Coloured T-Shirts PDF Document - Can your children decorate the T-shirts using the correct colours? Contributed by Speekee.
  • Colour Anagrams PDF Document - Can you work out the correct Spanish colours in these anagrams? Contributed by Speekee.
  • Spanish Colours Word Document - Learn the Spanish colours, using this practical activity with a song. Contributed by Massiel Barros-Torning.
  • Spanish Colour by Numbers (13-21) Word Document - Can your children colour the picture using the correct colours (written in Spanish)? Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
Spanish Colour Mat
Spanish Colour Mat
PDF File

Other Topics:

  • Spain and Spanish Powerpoint Presentation - Find out about more about Spain and the Spanish language. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish - Where are you? Powerpoint Presentation - Learn how to say where you live, with this useful Powerpoint presentation. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish - My Family Powerpoint Presentation - Learn Spanish vocabulary, linked to the family. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Introducing Yourself PDF File - Use the example to introduce yourself in Spanish (adding an image of yourself too). Contributed by Speekee.
  • How are you? PDF File - A quick and easy chart showing how to tell others how you are feeling in Spanish. Contributed by Speekee.
  • Spanish - Meetings and Greetings Word Document - Can your children match the phrases with the correct pictures? Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish Introduction and Alphabet Powerpoint Presentation - A presentation to share with your class when introducing them to the Spanish language. åContributed by Conor Doyle.
  • Spanish Greetings PDF Document - Two handy activity sheets that can be used as classwork or homework challenges. Contributed by Conor Doyle.
  • English / Spanish Animals Word Document - A fun worksheet giving the English / Spanish translations of a range of animals. Contributed by Carol.
  • Spanish - How old are you? Powerpoint Presentation - A useful starting point for those learning about how to say their age in Spanish. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish Days of the Week Powerpoint Presentation - Learn the days of the week in Spanish with this handy presentation. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish - The Witch Cook Powerpoint Presentation - Develop your understanding of Spanish with this fun story. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • French and Spanish Seasons Word Document - A set of display posters that teach children the names of different seasons in French. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
  • French and Spanish Connectives Word Document - Display labels showing connectives in French. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
  • French and Spanish Weather Display Powerpoint Presentation - A set of display resources showing the translations for different types of weather. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
  • Easter in Spain Powerpoint Presentation - Information and pictures about how Easter is celebrated in Spain. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Christmas in Spain Powerpoint Presentation - A Powerpoint presentation giving information about how Christmas is celebrated in Spain. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish Halloween Vocabulary Powerpoint Presentation - A Powerpoint presentation showing different Halloween-related vocabulary in Spanish. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Spanish Flashcards PDF Document - A set of Spanish / English flashcards to use in your classroom. Contributed by Vocabzone.com.
  • When is your Birthday? PDF Document - Learn about dates by recording when the birthdays occur on this handy sheet. Contributed by Speekee.
  • Weather Matching PDF Document - Match the names of each type of weather to the images on the pictures. Contributed by Speekee.
  • Making a Piñata PDF Document - Information about piñatas, with instructions how to make them and related Spanish vocabulary. Contributed by b small publishing.
  • Rooms in a House PDF Document - Ask your children to identify the correct Spanish names for each room in the house. Contributed by Speekee.
  • Map Prepositions PDF Document - Where are the places located in relation to each other? Contributed by Speekee.
  • Holidays Reading Comprehension - Word Document Aimed at KS4 Spanish, this activity sheet includes Spanish text and questions to answer. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
  • Holidays Vocabulary Sheet Word Document - A list of relevant vocabulary linked to the topic of holidays. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
  • Spongebob Hobbies - A lesson plan, with accompanying resources to help pupils to learn about Spanish hobbies. Contributed by Shara_Nuku.
  • KS3 Spanish Websites DOCX Document - A collection of websites that are useful to those studying Spanish at KS3. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
Spanish Family
Spanish Family
PDF File
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