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Foreign Languages

  • Ou est Georges? - A brilliant way of getting children to talk simply to one another in French.
  • Duck Duck Goose - A fun game to reinforce learning of key words such as hello and goodbye.
  • What's Missing? - A fun memory game which can be used to teach vocabulary too.
  • Tips and Tricks - A range of tips and tricks which might help you when teaching other languages to children.
  • Teaching Grammar - A simple but effective way of teaching children about different types of words.
  • Find the Object - An extremely fun way of learning things which can be chanted!
  • Find the Flashcards - Get your class hunting for flashcards related to vocabulary that you call out!
  • Merry Melodies - Introduce new vocabulary using songs which the children know well. A great idea, and not just for MFL!
  • Revising Words - Use this technique to revise words which have already been taught.
  • Living Bingo - Get the children to become living Bingo counters in this fantastic activity.
  • Learning Vocabulary - Some great activities to help children learn foreign vocabulary.
  • Washing Line - Use a washing line in a number of ways to support your MFL teaching.
  • Running Chinese Whispers - A fast-paced game which can be used to review vocabulary.
  • This is a... - Pass a gesture around the class to teach your children about foreign cultures.
  • Pass the Words - Pass new words around the class to increase your pupils' vocabulary.
  • Ring a Word - A great game to teach foreign numbers, letters, days, months and much more!
  • New Names - A simple way of introducing and reinforcing French in your classroom.
  • Hot Potato - An activity which encourages quick thinking and remembering vocabulary.
  • Verb / Number Volleyball - A fun way of learning which can be used with a wide variety of topics.
  • Hatschi Patschi - A fun game which can be used to review a variety of topics.
  • Tips with Flashcards - When teaching languages to children using flashcards, try these handy techniques and activities.
  • Naming Objects - A number of ways of teaching children the foreign words for different objects.
  • Foreign Fashion - Have fun learning the different names for clothes by dressing up!
  • Listen Carefully - Learn names for the different body parts with this enjoyable listening game.
  • Team Tag - An enjoyable game which helps pupils to learn vocabulary for parts of the body.
  • Using Languages - Challenge your students to use other languages throughout their day in a variety of situations.
  • Break the Code - A useful technique to review different vocabulary.
  • Relay Bingo PDF document - A fast-paced game that requires students to produce a question and answer sequence accurately and fluently. Contributed by Language Teaching Games.
  • Pencil Case Items Word Document - Use this useful sheet to explore the vocabulary for items you would find in your pencil case. Contributed by Beverley Bitting.
  • Hidden Words - Can your students find the hidden words in a much longer nonsense word?
  • GCSE MFL Websites DOCX Document - A collection of websites that are useful to those studying foreign languages for GCSE. Contributed by Dannielle Morgan.
Teaching Numbers
  • Counting Around - A fun way of testing children's knowledge of foreign number.
  • Teaching Numbers - Lots of ideas for teaching foreign numbers to your class.
  • Spinning Numbers - Help children to learn their numbers using this fun, practical activity.
Teaching Colours
  • Balloon Questions - Use coloured balloons as a starting point for discussions about colour.
  • Colour Bingo - Learn the words for different colours by playing Bingo!


  • Urdu Vocabulary Word Document - A collection of useful Urdu phrases and vocabulary. Contributed by Shahida Yunus.


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