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Literacy - Writing Non-Fiction

General Non-Fiction Ideas / Resources:
  • Activity Clues - A fun writing task which requires children to think of clues related to particular activities.
  • Write to Santa! - Send a letter to Santa at Christmas, and receive a reply too!
  • Describing Yourself - A game, useful for the beginning of term, which helps you and the children get to know each other.
  • Letter Writing - Writing letters can be extremely enjoyable for children, and this page shows you how.
  • Letter Writing Frame PDF File - A great letter writing frame for your children to use (PDF). Contributed by Jon Johnson.
  • Letters Word Document - Children are asked to look at the differences between formal and informal letters, and to put jumbled letters into the correct order. Contributed by Laura Harwood.
  • Topic Dictionary - A cross-curricular activity to reinforce understanding of specific vocabulary.
  • Alliteration in Headlines PDF File - These can be used to show how alliteration can be used to great effect in newspaper headlines. These are all headlines about well-known stories. Contributed by Mike Craig.
  • Non Fiction Posters PDF File - A set of very useful posters (in PDF) describing different types of non-fiction texts. Contributed by Zoe Lowe.
  • Hopscotch Instructions - A practical way of developing children's understanding of instructions.
  • Instructions - Variety of activities based around instructions.
  • Egyptian Instructions - Find out all about instructional writing, using these ideas based around the Egyptians.
  • Instructions Homework PDF File - A worksheet (which could be used for homework), based around instructions for making tea and sandwiches. Contributed by Jane Ibe.
  • Instructional Writing - Use fictional stories to motivate children when studying non-fiction texts.
  • Writing Detailed Instructions - Help children to write more detailed instructions using this technique.

The Instruction Writing Pack

Persuasive Writing / Adverts:
  • Persuasive Words and Phrases PDF File - A selection of words and phrases which children can use within their own persuasive writing.
  • Persuasion Display Labels PDF File - A set of labels which could be used for a display about persuasive writing.
  • Persuasive Writing Frame Word Document - A template which can be used as a starting point for writing persuasive letters.
  • Leaflet Evaluations Word Document - Children read a 'flyer' from a place of interest and evaluate it to see if it helps attract visitors, before possibly designing their own. Contributed by Sue Powell.
  • Advert Analysis - Encourage children to look closely at things they see every day... advertisements!
  • Food Factory Persuasive Writing - Use this letter to encourage children as a starting point for persuasive writing in Years 5 and 6.
  • Dogs Trust Campaigning and AdvertisingPDF File - A set of ideas, activities and resources to encourage older pupils to think about charities inform and persuade the public.

The Persuasive Writing Pack - Download resources to help your children with their persuasive writing!

  • Discursive Writing PDF File - A discursive text (in PDF) with a framework. If the two sheets are copied onto acetate, they overlay one another to enable the children to see how the example fits the framework. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
  • Better Book Reports PDF File - A PDF file containing 25 ideas for writing book reports! Contributed by Katie Pullman.
  • Information about Egypt Word Document - Information which could be used by children when writing a report about Egypt. Contributed by Tracy Blacknell.
  • Time Capsule PDF File - If you were to set up a time capsule, how would your children describe life at this point in time? Use this worksheet to find out. Contributed by Kirsty Scott.
  • Reports Powerpoint File - A Powerpoint presentation, created by Hannah Ford, giving information about writing reports.
  • World Cup Match Report - A useful report template which children can use to write reports about the World Cup matches. Contributed by Julie Mollett.
  • Finding out about Foxes - Requires children to use their research skills to produce an information report about foxes.
  • About Our School - Make a booklet to tell people about your school.
  • School Guide Word Document - Make a guide about your school to help other children using this planning template. Contributed by Jayne Starkie.
  • Holiday Recipes - A great way of getting children to write about their holidays.
  • Winter Holiday News Word Document - A useful framework for getting children to write a recount of their winter break. Could be adapted for use at other times of the year. Contributed by Hafeezud Din.
  • Rainforest Explorer Recounts Powerpoint File - Some fantastic ideas, encouraging children to create a recount based on a rainforest trip. Contributed by Debbie Pegg.

The Recount Writing Pack

  • Postcards Word Document - A fantastic way for the children to tell you about their holidays, encouraging independent writing without intimidating them. Children can also design the front of their postcard appropriately. Contributed by Vicky Lord.
  • Writing a Biography PDF File - Children use this PDF sheet to write their own autobiographical notes and hand the result to a friend who uses the notes to write a biography. Contributed by David Hill.
  • Writing a Profile Word Document - Ask children to interview one another, and then write a profile based of their interviewee, using this sheet as a prompt. Contributed by Kirsty Scott.
  • Film Review (Madagascar) PDF File - Encourage children to think about a popular film and write a review with this handy template. Contributed by Hafeezud Din.

The Explanation Writing Pack

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