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Literacy - Writing Fiction

Stories (Planning):
  • Planning Sheets PDF File - A planning sheet (in PDF) for use by groups of children when planning longer stories. Contributed by Sharon Whitchurch.
  • Story Plans - Two free worksheets which children can use when planning their stories.
  • Story Plans PDF File - A very useful set of worksheets (in PDF) which help children to plan their stories. Contributed by Zoe Lowe
  • Story Planner PDF File - A useful tool (PDF) to help structure children's ideas when planning out their stories. It also includes a excitement level indicator that the children can shade in. Contributed by Andrew Sawford.
  • Story Planning Sheet Word Document - A planning sheet which can be used to support children with their story writing. Contributed by Adda-May Waters.
  • Story Writing Plan Word Document - A template for helping children to write stories. Contributed by Shankar Ramachandran.
  • Planning Sheets PDF File - A set of planning sheets to help children write stories, based around the titles "Storm on the Island" and "Angry". Contributed by Kirsty Scott.
  • Writing a Story Prompts Word Document - A set of prompts for children to use when they are planning and writing a story. Contributed by Georgia Boel.
Stories (Settings):
  • Story Settings - A fantastic resource which encourages children to describe settings without telling the reader directly.
Settings Resources
Settings Resources

Free resources to help children to think about the settings of their stories.
Stories (Characters):
  • Create your own character PDF File - Use this prompt sheet to ask children to turn themselves into a story character! Contributed by Kirsty Scott.
  • Character Sequencing - A wonderful way of reinforcing the importance of beginnings, middles and ends.
  • Creating Characters - Invent characters based on people found in newspapers and magazines.
  • Character Profile Word Document - A useful sheet which encourages children to think carefully about their characters. Contributed by Val Smith.
  • Wanted Poster PDF File - A Wanted Poster template (PDF) which can be used when thinking about character profiles and portraits. Contributed by Paula Whysall.
Characters Resources
Characters Resources

Free resources to help children to think about characters in their stories.

The Narrative Writing Pack

Stories (Ideas):
  • Story Starters - Find starters for your creative writing.
  • Crazy Stories - A fun team-based activity, involving sharing characters, settings and more, to write a crazy story!
  • Story Pairs PDF File - Ask your children to write their own stories and invent their own animals for a magical night zoo. Contributed by NightZooKeeper.
  • Creative Writing Ideas - A number of ideas which can be used as a stimulus for creative writing lessons.
  • Creative Writing Ideas Word Document - A selection of starting points for engaging children in creative writing. Contributed by Setari Mirasuka.
  • Pirate Adventure Word Document - How will your children complete this pirate adventure? Contributed by Lisa Daniels.
  • Story Ideas PDF File - A set of ideas (in PDF) which children can use when writing stories based on particular themes. Contributed by Sharon Whitchurch.
  • Cinderella Sentence Completion Word Document - Ask your pupils to complete this version of the Cinderella story (answers in the headers can be deleted). Contributed by Lani Toti.
  • Story Starters PDF File - A set of brilliant story starters (PDF) to give children ideas for a story. Contributed by Paula Whysall, who also recommends them as an extension activity for those who have finished their Literacy work.
  • Willow Pattern Activities - A number of activities (some of which have links with Art) which are based upon the Willow Pattern story.
  • Story Path Word Document - A fantastic poster which outlines the features of story writing. Contributed by Val Smith.
  • Create-a-Story - Excellent activity for those who lack ideas when writing stories (worksheets provided).
  • Story Starters Powerpoint Presentation - A fantastic Powerpoint presentation, containing wonderful photos which children can use as stimuli for starting stories. Contributed by Val Smith.
  • Writing the Middle - A fantastic way of helping children to write the middle section of their stories.
  • Traditional Story Language Word Document - A collection of words and phrases which can be used when writing traditional stories. Contributed by Tracy Blacknell.
  • Lifesavers - Use sweets to encourage children to write about different types of feelings they encounter.
  • Imagination Box - Use a selection of objects in a box to prompt children's imagination and writing.
  • The Magic Door Powerpoint Presentation - A wonderful starting point for creative writing. Contributed by Lisa Daniels.
  • Desert Island Activity - This half-termly project is based on the Desert Island Discs show.
  • Alien Planet PDF File - A help sheet, giving children ideas and support, when writing stories. Contributed by Kate Robarts.
  • Story Writing Rules PDF File - A set of golden rules to help children with their story writing. Contributed by Christine Stanger.
  • Shared Writing - The whole class writes a story together using a word processor.
Objects Resources
Objects Resources

Free resources to help children to think about objects within their stories.
Story Starters
Story Starters

One hundred story prompts that children can use for a range of writing activities.
Other Fiction Ideas / Resources:
  • Improve Your Writing Word Document - A fun reference sheet, which can be used to help children to think about their writing and improve it. Contributed by Val Smith.
  • Epigrams - Do your pupils know what epigrams are? Try these activities to explore what they mean.
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