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Speaking and Listening

  • Talking with Puppets - Encourage discussion and questioning skills through the use of puppets.
  • Story Cubes - Find ideas for using the fantastic Story Cubes in the classroom.
  • Learning from Talking Books - Use technology and talking books to support your Literacy teaching.
  • Film Making - A wonderful way for children to work together in a wide variety of subjects.
  • Character Acting - A great way of encouraging children to think more about characters in stories.
  • Careers Night - Organize a "What Should I Be When I Grow Up" career night for your class, involving the children and their parents.
  • Speaking Activities Word Document - Lots of ideas and activities to develop children's speaking skills. Contributed by Maja Hadzic.
  • Magic Pen - Useful time-filler activity in which the class creates a story together.
  • Story Circles - An enjoyable way of generating some stories around your class.
  • Describing Pictures - A fun activity which increases describing (and listening) skills.
  • Planet Characters - Help your children to think about the characters of different planets and have a catwalk style fashion show!
  • Speaking Non-Sense - Let children practice their public speaking in the privacy of their own classroom.
  • Now Who's the Teacher? - A fun way of reinforcing what children have learnt throughout the week.
  • Interviews - A number of ideas for how to organize interviewing in the classroom.
  • Why do you Like it? - An enjoyable way of encouraging children to support their own opinions.
  • Elevens - A fun drama activity, which encourages planning ahead and tactical thinking!
  • Grandma's Footsteps - Another drama activity, which can be used for finding out about a new group of children.
  • Dog's Trust Drama Resources - Two drama based activities that help pupils to understand life from a dog's perspective.
  • What's the Time, Mr. Wolf? - An enjoyable drama game for a group of children.
  • Copy Me - A simple drama activity, which is good for team building and developing observational skills.
  • Media Awareness - Analyse adverts, and try to make your own, with this enjoyable Literacy activity.

The Listening Skills Pack


'Let's Pretend' Banner
'Let's Pretend' Banner
PDF File
'Media Magic' Banner
'Media Magic' Banner
PDF File
'Making the News' Banner
'Making the News' Banner
PDF File
'Print, Broadcast and Online Journalism' Resources
'Print, Broadcast and Online Journalism' Resources PDF File
'The Circus is Coming to Town' Banner
'The Circus is Coming to Town' Banner
PDF File
'Movement and Entertainment' Banner
'Movement and Entertainment' Banner PDF File
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