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Literacy - Punctuation and Grammar

  • Plants PunctuationPDF File - Can your pupils add the correct punctuation to these sentences? Contributed by Carol Vincent.
  • Punctuation Posters PDF File - A set of 11 brilliant posters (in PDF), outlining the uses of different types of punctuation. Contributed by Neil Hedworth.
  • Tarzan Punctuation Smart Notebook file - A SMART Notebook file, which children can read and then devise actions to represent each missing punctuation mark. Contributed by Zoe Mitchell.
  • Fill in the Punctuation - Children need to put the correct punctuation into a piece of text (includes worksheet)
  • Punctuation Sheets PDF File - A set of useful reminders (in PDF) for children to think about when writing stories. Contributed by Sharon Whitchurch.
Punctuation Posters
Punctuation Posters
PDF File
Punctuation Pitch
Punctuation Pitch
PDF File
Punctuation Cards
Punctuation Cards
PDF File
Let children have a copy of these cards to refer to while writing, or copy two sets and play Pairs / Snap with them!
Punctuation Banner
Punctuation Banner
PDF File
Punctuation Cards
Punctuation Points

Use this fantastic idea to encourage children to use different types of punctuation in their writing.
SPaG Resources
SPaG Resources

Lots of resources to help children with their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Download our 29 page eBook to teach your pupils about Perfect Punctuation! Also includes activity and display resources.

Capital Letters / Full Stops:
  • Traffic Lights - Use this very simple methods to reinforce when capital letters and full stops are needed.
  • Capital Letters Word Document - Use this sheet to get children to practise their use of capital letters. Contributed by Lisa Daniels.
Question Marks:
  • Fill in the Question Marks Word Document - Can your children add question marks to these sentences to make them correct? Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi.
  • Commas PDF File - A simple but effective worksheet requiring children to put commas in the correct place. Contributed by Jim Merrett.
Speech Marks:
  • Speech Mark Sandwich - A fantastic tip to help children remember how to use punctuation within speech marks.
  • Using Speech PDF File - A worksheet containing ideas and activities, which reinforce using speech properly when writing. Contributed by Kathryn Perkins.
  • Speech Marks PDF File - Can your pupils rewrite the text in the speech bubbles into sentences using speech marks? Includes two differentiated versions.
  • Speech Marks - A number of useful resources which can be used to teach children about speech marks
  • Speech Marks Word Document - Use this handy worksheet to reinforce the concept of speech marks. Contributed by Iman Bendjedidi.
  • Speech Marks Worksheets PDF File - A very useful set of worksheets (PDF) which develop children's use of speech marks. Contributed by Victoria Scale-Constantinou.
  • Speech Marks Washing Line PDF File - A very useful idea for helping children to understand the use of speech marks. Contributed by Clarice Morley.
Paragraphs: General Grammar:
  • Incident in the Playground PDF File - An interesting worksheet (PDF) which helps children to think about their grammar, based on an incident in the playground.
  • Passive Voice - Past and Present Word Document - An activity sheet that requires children to turn sentences into the passive voice. Contributed by tanjalipovac.
  • First Person, Third Person - A worksheet requiring children to decide if sentences are written in the first person or the third person.

The Grammar Pack - The Grammar Gremlins are here to help your children!

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