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Literacy - Handwriting

Pencil Control:
Give children a chance to practise their pencil control and handwriting skills by asking them to carefully draw over the top of these different shapes and patterns.

Cutting Skills - Rectangles
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Ellipses
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Triangles
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Stars
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Random Shapes 1
Random Shapes 1
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Random Shapes 2
Random Shapes 2
PDF File



Precursive Letters PDF File
Practise precursive letters by writing over the dotted letters.

Precursive a

Precursive b

Precursive c

Precursive d
Precursive e Precursive f Precursive g Precursive h
Precursive i Precursive j Precursive k Precursive l
Precursive m Precursive n Precursive o Precursive p
Precursive q Precursive r Precursive s Precursive t
Precursive u Precursive v Precursive w Precursive x
Precursive y Precursive z    

Cursive Letters PDF File
Use these sheets to practise writing cursive letters.

Cursive a

Cursive b

Cursive c

Cursive d

Cursive e Cursive f Cursive g Cursive h
Cursive i Cursive j Cursive k Cursive l
Cursive m Cursive n Cursive o Cursive p
Cursive q Cursive r Cursive s Cursive t
Cursive u Cursive v Cursive w Cursive x
Cursive y Cursive z    

Cursive Letters with Lines PDF File
Practise writing letters at particular sizes by using the guide lines for support.

Lined a

Lined b

Lined c

Lined d

Lined e

Lined f

Lined g

Lined h

Lined i

Lined j

Lined k

Lined l

Lined m

Lined n

Lined o

Lined p

Lined q

Lined r

Lined s

Lined t

Lined u

Lined v

Lined w

Lined x

Lined y

Lined z



Handwriting Banner
Handwriting Banner
PDF File
Look at Our Handwriting Banner
Look at Our
Handwriting Banner
PDF File
Super Handwriting Certificate
Super Handwriting Certificate
PDF File
Pen Licence Award
Pen Licence Award
PDF File
(includes alternative 'license' spelling)
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