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Early Years - Maths

  • Circle Numbers - A simple idea which encourages children to identify numbers in print.
  • Long or Short PDF File - An assessment activity (in PDF), which asks children to compare the lengths of different objects. Contributed by Jane Dovey.
  • Five Little Ducks Powerpoint presentation - A song (with English / Turkish words) to help children with counting and finding one more / less than numbers. Contributed by Serife Silim.
  • Addition PDF File - A PDF worksheet, based on addition. Contributed by Jane Dovey.
  • Adding and Subracting (10) PDF File - A great PDF to test children on adding and subtracting numbers up to 10. Contributed by Kathy Wilson.
  • Adding and Subtracting (20) PDF File - A great PDF to test children on adding and subtracting numbers up to 20. Contributed by Kathy Wilson.
  • Counting to 20 PDF File - A worksheet (PDF) to help children count to 20. Contributed to Kathy Wilson.
  • Ten Green Bottles Powerpoint presentation - A fantastic Powerpoint presentation, which can be used for early years children to assist with reading and counting backwards. Contributed by Gordon Stevens.
  • Recognising and Writing Numbers PDF File - A huge set of worksheets (PDF) dealing with recognising and writing numbers, and much more! Contributed by Kathy Wilson.
  • Pick a Ticket - Develop your children's number recognition and listening skills with this tip.
  • Ladybird Doubling - An easy way of encouraging younger children to think about doubling.
  • Treasure Map - Use a treasure map to help children to learn about direction.
  • Introducing Shapes - A great way of introducing simple shapes to young children.
  • Shapes PDF File - A PDF worksheet, which asks children to make patterns using a variety of 2D shapes. Contributed by Jane Dovey.
  • My Book of Shapes PDF File - A set of four activities for Early Years children, linked to four different shapes. Contributed by Shahida Yunus.
  • Symmetrical Pictures PDF File - Use this worksheet to encourage children to think about symmetry. Contributed by Lynn Medland.
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