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Early Years

  • Cat and Mouse - A fun game for children to play at spare moments during the day.
  • Hunt the Honey - A fun, competitive game, in which children have to find a pot of honey!
  • Don't Get Caught! - A fun game, which can be used to reinforce work in lots of subjects.
  • Who is it? - A simple game which requires children to identify each other.
  • Captain Silence - A simple method of encouraging children to sit quietly.
  • Mr. Men Displays - Make an interactive shape and colour display based on the Mr. Men characters.
  • Magic Wand - Cast a magic spell on your class, to encourage them to sit up and listen carefully!
  • The Magic Carpet - A fun way of learning about other cultures.
  • Sounds PDF File - A useful PDF worksheet, which asks children to identify how different instruments make sounds.
  • Find that Sound - Develop children's listening skills with this game, then make up your own orchestra!
  • Rewarding Learning - An effective way of encouraging children and rewarding them when they succeed!
  • Yes / No Sticks - Make these simple tools to help children answer your questions.
  • Snap / Matching Game PDF File - A set of cards (in PDF), which can be laminated and used as part of a snap / matching game. Contributed by a visitor.
  • Email Project PDF File - A PDF file, outlining a project by Veronica Carter, involving emailing in a Year R class. Contains useful information for others wanting to try a similar project.
  • Exercise Word Document - Match the different forms of exercise to the relevant picture. Contributed by Sherrie Bendjedidi.
  • Paws to Learn PDF File - A booklet that includes ideas, activities and resources to help children to learn about dogs and dog safety.
  • Be Safe with DogsPDF File - A poster that teaches children basic rules about safety around dogs.
  • Early Years Links Websites - A long list of links to other useful Early Years sites.
  • Paint the Playground! - Learn letters, numbers and shapes by painting the playground!
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Word Document - A popular rhyme, translated into Urdu, for younger children to enjoy. Contributed by Shahida Yunus.
  • Song Sack PDF File - Choose one of these cards from a song sack and enjoy singing the song together! Contributed by Shahida Yunus.
  • Keeping Records - An extremely easy way of recording learning by early years children.
  • Teddy Shoe Shop - A fun way of thinking about estimations.
  • ICT and Phonics Top Tips - A set of useful tips and advice for using ICT to develop early Literacy skills.
  • Conscious Baby Alphabet Powerpoint File - Conscious Baby Alphabet is an alphabet learning tool that is value based; aimed at broadening the foundational thoughts at early years. Contributed by Kwabena Mehutusekamen.
  • Lynn Waters has contributed a number of Powerpoint presentations aimed at children in the Early Years:
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