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Design Technology

  • Make Salt Dough - Make salt dough with your class, using these handy tips.
  • Inventions - Give a group of children a bag of materials and get them to create something using all of the contents.
  • Design your Classroom - Design a new layout for your classroom (and perhaps try out some of them, to evaluate their effectiveness).
  • Weaving with Lolly Sticks - Try weaving with wool and lolly sticks! The technique is very easy to master and your children will love making lots of their own original designs.
  • Design a Dog PDF file - A printable booklet with ideas and activities to help children create their own moving dog!
  • Newspaper Creations - Create realistic looking structures or objects using only newspaper.
  • Object of the Day - Each day, look at an everyday object in relation to how it was designed and made.
  • Hand Drills Display Text PDF file - A set of display letters, spelling the text 'Hand Drills' using images of hand drills! Contributed by Rachel Simpson.
  • Kite Template PDF file - A template which allows you to make your own kite. Contributed by Play Pause Unwind.
  • Football Mini Kite Word Document - Make this great kite by cutting out the template and following the instructions! Contributed by Infinite Arts.
  • Instrument Evaluation PDF file - A PDF worksheet, which children can use to evaluate different instruments (as part of the QCA DT unit on Musical Instuments). Contributed by Jane Robinson.
  • Musical Instruments PDF file - A complete workbook (PDF) which will help children as they work through the QCA unit on making musical instruments. Contributed by Gaynor Hart.
  • Roamer Shopping - A great idea for making a scenario in which to use a roamer.
  • The Biscuit Business - Let groups of children set up their own biscuit businesses! Who will make the most profit?
  • Biscuit Evaluation Word Document - After making biscuits, ask your children to complete this evaluation form, to reflect on their work. Contributed by Lorrie Parsons.
  • Making Kites - An outline of the benefits of making kites with your class.
  • Build a Bridge - Group activity, in which children have to make a bridge, despite a number of restrictions.
  • Design a Package - Get the children to look closely at packaging, and then design their own.
  • Using Levers - Some creative ideas for using levers and scissor mechanisms in your lessons.
  • Word Challenge Powerpoint Presentation - Find as many hidden words as you can and define the DT keyword. Contributed by Adam Belcher.
  • Anagram Challenge Powerpoint Presentation - Can you work out the DT words that are hidden in these anagrams? Contributed by Adam Belcher.
  • Matrix Challenge Powerpoint Presentation - Find a DT keyword hidden in the matrix. Contributed by Adam Belcher.
  • Lego Challenge Powerpoint Presentation - Use Lego pieces to solve this challenge. Contributed by Adam Belcher.
  • Triangle Challenge Powerpoint Presentation - How many triangles can you find in the picture? Contributed by Adam Belcher.
  • Scrabble Challenge Powerpoint Presentation - Use the letters to make different words. Can you find the special DT word? Contributed by Adam Belcher.
  • Name that Thing Powerpoint Presentation - What is the item shown in the photo? Contributed by Adam Belcher.
School Uniforms:
  • Self Portraits PDF file - Make self portraits and use them in a whole class freize. Contributed by Trutex.
  • Testing Materials PDF file - Think about the materials that can be used in a school uniform. Contributed by Trutex.
  • Labelling Uniforms PDF file - Identify the different parts of a uniform and the materials that they are made from. Contributed by Trutex.
Design Technology Banner
'Design Technology' Banner
PDF File
Construction Banner
'Construction' Banner
PDF File

Download these photographs of shelters and find lots of related teaching ideas.

Lots of photos of different types of bags with suggested lesson ideas.
Design Technology Tools

Use these photos and lesson ideas in your DT lessons.

A large collection of photo resources and lesson ideas linked to clothes.
'Fairgrounds' Banner
'Fairgrounds' Banner
PDF File
'At the Fair' Banner
'At the Fair' Banner
PDF File

Cutting and Scissor Skills:
Give children a chance to practise their scissor skills by asking them to carefully and accurately cut out the shapes on these sheets.

Cutting Skills - Rectangles
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Ellipses
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Triangles
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Stars
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Random Shapes 1
Random Shapes 1
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Random Shapes 2
Random Shapes 2
PDF File

Cutting Skills - Face
PDF File

Cutting Skills
Cutting Skills
PDF File
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