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Learning from All Artists:
  • Artist of the Month - A brilliant way of helping children to identify different artists and their work.
  • Making Comic Books - Use existing comic artists as inspiration for your own comic book work.
Van Gogh:
  • Stars on the Ceiling! - Decorate the ceiling in your class with these star pictures.
  • Sunflowers - Create a wonderful sunflower display to decorate your school, using this idea (based on Van Gogh's famous painting).
  • The Starry Night - Make your own version of Van Gogh's picture "The Starry Night".
Picasso: Andy Goldsworthy: Lowry:
  • An Urban Landscape Word Document - A six week plan, which aims to develop an understanding of an artist's work (LS Lowry) and get children to apply it to their own work based on an urban landscape. Contributed by Jo Churchill.
  • Monet Style Art - Create a picture in the style of Monet, using this interesting technique which uses wax and an iron!
  • Teach about Monet - A tip to try when teaching children about Monet's work.
Frank Stella: Andy Warhol:
  • Playing with Colour - A simple, but effective, way of reproducing effects created by Andy Warhol.
  • Wassily Kandinsky Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation - A useful introduction to the life and art work of Wassily Kandinsky. Contributed by Zowie Jones.

Bridget Riley:

  • Bridget Riley Banner PDF File - A display banner with the name 'Bridget Riley' for your Art displays. Contributed by Rachel Simpson.

General Resources:

Artists Banner
'Artists' Banner
PDF File

Find Ideas and Resources linked to popular Art books!

Katie and the Sunflowers
Katie and the Sunflowers
Katie in London
Katie in London
Katie's Picture Show
Katie's Picture Show

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