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The Shape House

Age Range: 5 - 7
By: Kimberley Whittle

I worked with a class of year ones during my recent placement (I'm a student). I had to teach the children about shapes.

First draw a large square and triangle on some art paper, so you have the basis for a house shape. The children then, after looking at an example, use shape sponges to sponge a house picture, filling in the square section with smaller squares, the triangle roof with triangles (facing upwards and downwards in order that the roof is filled) rectangle for the door, hexagons/pentagons/circles/squares etc for the windows, a nice big circle for a sunshine and most importantly a rectangle chimney.

I then gave the children a worksheet in the shape of a cloud of smoke with the heading 'the shapes i have used in my picture are....'

The smoke can then be cut out and glued to the picture. It's a great display piece and the children loved the painting and the smoke worksheet encouraged them to recognise the names and spellings of the shapes they had used!

Deb Kelly has made the following comment...

In my Kindergarten class, the students created shape books; based on the book "the Shape of Things". They made houses, trees, flowers, people, animals, etc. Under each picture, the shapes and number of shapes were listed which also aided with number recognition. It is a lot of fun and very effective.


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very good idea!!! 



i did something similar using different shapes made of different coloured paper for colourful pictures and then made a graph of how many squares, rectangles etc were used by the different groups.